Wellness Career Tools

Teacher Training/Professional Certification Training
Earn a living and learn to help others as a wellness professional. The first steps in starting your career in a wellness jobs may include going though yoga teacher training, enrolling in a massage therapy school, achieving your personal trainer certification, becoming a certified dietition, getting your life coach certification or training as a teacher or professional in other holistic disciplines including Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Akashic Records, mindfulness, somatic therapies and other healing arts. Even if you don't want to become a holistic health practitioner, many of these programs are great for deepening your own knowledge, skill and appreciation of a particular discipline.

Holistic Associations
Professional associations help holistic health practitioners to network for support, advocacy and continuing education. Holistic Associations usually have a code of ethics that members are expected to follow and some organizations have processes in place to address violations of their ethical code. Practitioners are usually expected to meet a specific set of professional requirements or qualifications in order to apply for membership. Though membership in professional wellness associations is not required, it is helpful for consumers to check whether a professional whose services they require has membership in good standing with their appropriate professional associations.

Wellness Certifications
Some professions require degrees in the particular discipline, and some Mind Body fields do not have academic degrees, but instead have certification programs. Massage therapy is one of these fields. When looking for a Mind Body professional, be an educated consumer and check into their qualifications. If certification isn't appropriate (for example for psychic intuitives), perhaps have a conversation with the person to find out about references or just to get a feel for the person on the phone. Do your friends rave about his person? Many wellness professionals write articles or have websites or books. MindBodyMojo gives professionals a chance to give you information to make a mindful choice. Check these out, along with your own gut feeling, to make sure that your practitioner is a good fit for you.

Wellness Insurance
It makes practical sense for wellness professionals to carry professional liability insurance. It also makes good sense for professionals and clients that their offices be insured in case of accidental injury or damage. These insurance companies provide professional liability insurance and office liability insurance for holistic health practitioners.

As demand for Holistic products and services has grown wellness training courses in areas such as Massage Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training, Acupuncture, Personal Training and Chiropractic services is not only available in major metro areas like NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Miami and San Francisco but in most communities across the country.