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Galter Life Center
5157 N Francisco Avenue Chicago IL 60625
Phone: (773) 878-9936

I've always been the person that family or friends would call if they needed to talk about something emotionally hard. I used to joke that I would send them the bill. So when I left a 10 year career in corporate Information Technology, counseling seemed like the most logical choice for a second career.

Introduced to yoga as a pre-teen, I've personally experienced both it's physical and mental/emotional benefits, and have also observed these effects with my yoga students. It seemed only natural therefore to incorporate yoga into my work as a counselor. My analytical mind was relieved to find that the Trauma Center in Boston was conducting research and providing training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. I had also started a meditation practice during my years at Williams College and was equally thrilled to find the current research on mindfulness and it's positive effects on brain function. (I admit, I'm a little bit of a brain science geek).

During my Master's degree internship, I discovered Somatic Experiencing (SE) through Peter Levine's book, "Waking the Tiger" and was intrigued by a system that would include the body as an aid in helping clients to recover from the effects of significant traumatic experiences. Having to participate as a client during training & observing significant benefits for myself has only solidified my belief in the effectiveness of this system for clients.

The Center for Contextual Change emphasizes a collaborative approach to therapy, which encourages clients to be fully involved in the process of therapy and allows a creative, yet systematic, approach to healing. I feel blessed on a daily basis to be able to walk the journey of healing with my clients as they take the tools that I've passed along and use them, in combination with their own strengths and resiliencies, to make their lives more joyful, more choiceful and more fulfilling.

When I'm not working and learning with wonderful students and clients, I'm spending time with my husband and two delightful children. They are my teachers! I also love butterfly gardening. Nature is a very effective stress reliever and gardening helps you to learn that there is only so much that you can control - the rest is the journey of surrender!

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