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    MindBodyMojo makes it easy and fun to find local healthy, holistic, wellness related people, places, and products around you. Just enter your zip code, choose a category & explore!

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    See and Hear Audio and Video

    MindBodyMojo practitioners and businesses are able to share a wealth of information with you via their audio and video recordings. Watch instructional videos, classes and demos along with product reviews and so much more.

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    New People and Places straight to your inbox

    Wouldn't you love to know when a new local yoga studio, holistic dentist or an organic restaurant opened in your neighborhood? Members receive email alerts when a new wellness provider or merchant in their zip code creates a profile on MindBodyMojo. Simply click the link in the email alert to view their profile.

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    Receive MindBodyMojo Coupons

    Join and Have Access to special offers and online coupons that our wellness providers and services have created for our members. Quite often using just one of these coupons pays for your one year membership!

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    Receive Exciting News!

    Do you want to keep up to date on any wellness related special events happening in your community? Members can choose to follow their favorite wellness providers. When those providers post a special announcement on MindBodyMojo an email blast is sent out to those followers alerting them of fun and exciting events.

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