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As more  and more people become health conscious it has sparked and entire health and fitness industry. Most communities have a local health club to get in shape where you can enjoy a large variety of fitness programs. One can locate a personal trainer to develop a personalized program for you at a health club or in a private setting as well. 

Many Fitness and heath programs involve systems such as Pilates and Yoga to help strengthen your core and increase flexibility. If you wish to implement your fitness program in a pampered environment you many check out a local full service Day Spa. A growing concern in fitness for kids has led to an increase in classes and resources for children to get them active and hopefully lead to a healthy lifestyle as an adult.

Many of the topics listed here such as Spas, Pilates studios, Health Clubs, Personal Trainers and Dietitians can be found not only in major cities like NY, LA, Chicago, Miami and Boston but many smaller communities across the country.

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