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FAQ for Holistic Businesses


Q: If I’m not satisfied is it difficult to cancel my profile on MindBodyMojo?

A: We’re sure once you become a member you will be very satisfied. However if you wish to cancel since there isn’t a contract or term requirement simply log in to your account and check “cancel membership”. Once you do that any future payments will immediately cease.

Q: I don’t see many wellness related practitioners or businesses advertising on your site in my town. Why should I create a profile on MindBodyMojo?

A: As we have just recently launched our site it takes time to build it to the level we know it will soon be. We are dedicated to working diligently to make MindBodyMojo the source people think of when trying to locate a new natural, holistic or wellness related person, product, or service.

Q: If I advertise with you how do I know people will see my profile?

A: Our goal is to have every category ranked high on the search engines. We have Search Engine Optimization professionals working on reaching that goal. MindBodyMojo is designed to attract visitors from many different mind/body/spirit categories so that someone searching one of the popular categories will stumble upon the lesser searched ones. When a merchant joins us we automatically send out an email alert to our members in their zip code radius. This email blast gives your product or service instant attention.

Q: How can I maximize the effectiveness of my profile on MindBodyMojo?

A: Utilize every function that we offer. Be creative in how you use functions such as video, audio and coupons. Take advantage of our email blast feature by updating it with interesting workshops, open houses, special events, etc. (use this feature judiciously or members will turn off your account if you abuse it).  Finally tell everyone you know about your profile on MindBodyMojo. Use email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. After you’ve completed these steps your friends and associates can refer their friends to your MindBodyMojo page where they can see or hear you in your own words describe your product or service such as describing your philosophy on yoga instruction or what inspired you to start your organic restaurant.

Q:  What if I don’t see a category that matches my particular service or business?

We recognize that there are so many different potential categories it could become overwhelming for consumers searching for products.  We have tried to make the MindBodyMojo experience as enjoyable as possible for consumers so that they keep coming back.  General categories provide exposure to wellness related practitioners or services who would otherwise be isolated in categories that are unfamiliar to potential customers.  We are always open to suggestions of new categories, so please feel free to send us your suggestions.

Q:  I have suggestions on how you can make MindBodyMojo even more effective.  Who should I send those to? 

We’re always open to your ideas for improvement!  Please send those to us via contact@mindbodymojo.com.

FAQ for Consumers


Q: If I become a member will I start to receive spam or will my information be shared with third parties?

A: The privacy of your contact information is very important to us. Your information will never be shared with any third party and will not be publicly available. For more information on our policy read our Terms of service.

Q: Can I stop receiving email alerts from any particular wellness practitioner or service?

A: First remember that you will only receive alerts for merchants whose announcements you choose to follow. However if you no longer wish to receive them simply log into your account and remove that merchant as a favorite.

Q: Why should I pay for membership?

A: You are welcome to remain a non-member and enjoy the many dynamic features that MindBodyMojo offers. Since many of our merchants who advertise their holistic and wellness products and services offer discounts via coupons that are only accessible to members, it is worthwhile to be a member. Often using just one coupon pays for the cost of your annual membership.

Q: Do you recommend or screen any of the wellness, holistic products or services on MindBodyMojo?

A: As we are an advertising vehicle, we don’t verify, guarantee or recommend any of the wellness practitioners, products or services on our site. Since the listings on MindBodyMojo provide you with many details about the vendors, you have even more information for making an informed choice.  However, it is up to you to use your best judgment when using or purchasing any advertised products or service on MindBodyMojo.